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SPLORUS: Quality Clinical Solutions

My name is Gabriel Lazcano MD and I am the founder of Splorus, a company created to help you to effectively and efficiently develop and publish clinical trials and research projects in the field of visual health.

Our vision is towards the future and it is this vision that has driven us from the moment that Splorus was born as an idea. Our future is to create excellence that result from the joint work of our collaborators and our clients. We love to achieve the best version of our work by developing quality solutions that surpass expectations.

With each new project we pursuit to be a worldwide reference in the implementation of projects and contribute to the development of new technologies and therapies for the treatment of eye diseases knowing that each result extends our horizon a little more in search of knowledge and new experience. The future awaits, with new research, new challenges and without limits. Always committed to excellence.

Experience in Quality Clinical Solutions

At Splorus we love the idea of working with people, companies and institutions. That is why we know the importance of each project being personalized. Being able to attend you since your project is no more than a draft and contribute to its development is one of our main rewards.
For Splorus every new project is a new opportunity, not only to share with you as customers but also to learn and grow with you.

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